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Here’s what some of our Tallahassee, FL customers are saying about us:

This is by far the best auto repair shop anywhere. These guys are honest, courteous, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. They do quality repair and maintenance on your car without robbing you. They have kept my Volvos running beautifully for about 8 years now. I rely on their honesty and I feel confident in the performance of my cars.

Gail Davis The Popular Mechanix Customer Review

Wow! I thought I was thrilled to own a Volvo, but I’m even more thrilled to know this mechanic. Their customer service is impressive, their expertise is unsurpassed and the experience was amazing.

They know Volvos and help you get many years of trouble free service. And, they do this at a fraction of the cost of a dealership. I am particular when it comes to choosing mechanics, and these guys did not let me down. I can recommend them without reservation for all Volvo needs.

Nanette Schimpf Google Review

Excellent service and workmanship everytime. I highly recommend Popular Mechanix to all Volvo owners!

Steve Smith The Popular Mechanix Customer Review

Awesome, free coffee

Cody Howard Google Review

They are always efficient and timely. The price isn't too bad...considering.

Maya Brown Google Review

Friendly knowledgeable staff and great service

Nodin Weddington Google Review

The owner Steven and Eric are always professional, attentive, and trustworthy. They've serviced my Volvo since moving here. They sell you only what you need and don't take advantage of "female" customers. They are always safe and respectful when handling my vehicle for I do a lot of traveling and have items all over the seats. Trustworthy and they take care as if the vehicle were their own. We are trying to get all of the work we can have done before we relocate as their honesty is just that awesome. Safety and care are their top priority.

Rachel Angels Google Review

5 Stars!

Roger Fagan Google Review

Good Volvo fixn's, these folks know Volvos.

Alan Lupsha Google Review

Honest and great people. They take care of your Volvo and are very fast in their service. Excellent

Maria G.S. Google Review

I've been going to Popular Mechanix for several years as they have proven to be highly reputable. Satisfaction guaranteed with honesty. The owner Steve will not try to sell you something not needed. He knows Volvo inside and out. If a job is going to take slightly longer than expected they will do their best to accommodate you and your schedule to the best of their ability. Alexis

I L Google Review

I recently moved to the area, and in less than a month of me being here my car stuttered and I had to turn the car off and back on to get it to start. When I did that I got a message saying my "transmission needed serviced". I immediately began to panic slightly, because I just moved to a new city and didn't have a clue where to take my car. I called a few of my coworkers and was referred to another mechanic, he didn't work on Volvo's so he recommended Steve. I went in and was greeted warmly. I let him know the issues and he said he would see what was going on. When I got a phone call the next day I braced myself, but Steve let me know that it was a sensor and the transmission didn't need to be replaced (Thank you JESUS!!!). I was able to pick my car up and wasn't beat over the head with the price. I won't be taking my car anywhere else, as long as I have a Volvo (100,000 miles more lol) I will take it to the Popular Mechanix. It's just a good feeling knowing your car is in good hands!

Brandi Hudson Google Review

5 Stars!

Juan Ten Google Review

My wife and I have been coming to these guys for repairs for the past few years and not one regret. They fix what you ask them to fix, they let you know if something is wonky and always gives us great deals. Never had a problem with them and totally recommend them to anyone!

Rohney Feliz Google Review

I recently evacuated the Tampa FL area due to Hurricane Irma. On the way out of state my 2001 Volvo S40 started to overheat. I had to call AAA and have my car towed almost 200 miles to Tallahassee, FL. While there, I found Popular Mechanix on Google and had my car towed to them for repairs. From the first phone call with Steve, I knew my car would be in good hands. They quickly got my car into the shop, diagnosed, and repaired. It turned out I needed a thermostat and engine coolant temperature sensor. This shop could easily have told me that I needed a far more expensive repair, but Steve was honest and caring about the whole ordeal. This repair was completed on Friday, September 8, 2017 and Steve even called and left me a voicemail today (9/13/17) to check and see how we are doing! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this shop to anyone needing repairs on their Volvo! Thanks so much, Steve!! You are truly one of the "good guys".

Tracy Crenshaw Google Review


Robert Shockley Google Review

Best mechanics in the world. Unmatched service. The way every shop should be.

Andre Smith Google Review

EXCELLENT WORK: Having Popular Mechanix change your oil is extremely important. Why? Because when the mechanics there "Service" your car they examine it carefully, so that they may inform you of circumstances that may become serious problems, saving you time and money!

Carlton T Londeree Google Review

5 Stars!

Antonio Wimes Google Review

Very honest and reputable auto repair

Justin Chiricos Google Review

5 Stars!

Jim Smart Google Review

Honest, reliable, and trustworthy every time.

Alexis Lex-Lexi Google Review

5 Stars!

Caleb Castro Google Review

Very good mechanics! Friendly service.

Lady Madness Google Review

I have taken cars to Eric and Steve at Popular Mechanix for years and continue to be impressed by their great car work, level of communication about what's wrong, options for fixing, and overall friendliness. You can't go to a better auto shop than this one.

Michael Brezin Google Review

These guys provide honest, dependable service. They do great work. I have been taking my Volvo to them for a few years. They are the best around, hands down! They definitely know Volvos and they care about their customers. I would not take my car to anyone else.

Gail Davis Google Review

This is where I have been taking my vehicle for the last year. I trust them and they do great professional work. I highly recommend them.

A Google User Google Review

If you own a Volvo, these are the guys you should use to keep it performing (and looking) as it should. The quality, honest, and professional service you get here is unmatched. They know Volvos and they do great work. These are the only people who will ever work on my Volvo.

Gail D. Yelp Review

Great service! Honest people and professional. They do take a while to do repairs because of their extensive client list but they do great service. The proof is in the pudding and yes, I take my car here and will continue to take my car here.

Alessandro Z. Yelp Review

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